Cloud In Action

Business and technology leaders of organisations – big or small – across geographies and virtually in every industry are embracing Cloud as a measure to reduce complexities and costs associated with traditional IT approaches. A recent IBM study titled ‘Cloud Business Enablers:- A Framework for action’ indicates that almost three-fourth of the leaders surveyed indicated their companies had piloted, adopted or substantially implemented cloud in their organizations – and 90 percent expect to do so in the next three years.

Cloud computing, although universally observed as a transformational force, its potential for driving business innovation and ability to build disruptive business models still remains untapped. Cloud computing offers more than just savings on IT costs. The following figures throw light on various ways in which the Cloud enables businesses and how the use of Cloud impacts value propositions and value chains.



Find below some examples of “Cloud in Action” and how it helped businesses optimize, innovate, disrupt by harnessing the power of the Cloud:

1. Ecosystem Connectivity:

A major business enabler powered by the cloud is ecosystem connectivity; which is recognized by a third of the  respondents to an IBM study as a major benefit. Through Cloud’s ecosystem connectivity which facilitates fast  and easy access to information, reputed automakers found an innovative way to help manufacturers maintain vehicles more efficiently, boost customer satisfaction and improve their brand image

2. Differentiator:

The days of technology, pricing strategies and scalability being a company’s competitive advantage in the market place have faded. So how can a business find its competitive edge? Differentiation. Cloud’s ability to boost infrastructure, helped this premium web-hosting providerkeep pace with client demands for more agile and flexible hosting services and cloud-based offerings.

3. Cutting complexity:

As technologies evolve and businesses start providing better services to customers, the complexity of its operations increases tremendously. In an era where consumers are connecting with businesses in multiple ways, especially Mobile, delivering an exceptional Mobile service becomes an imperative. See how this Mobile application develper was able to cut costs and complexity by moving back-end services into the Cloud.

4. Boost Performance:

Consistent performance of products and services is the key for businesses to survive and thrive in the industry. This IT service providerrisked loss of business as it struggled to deliver the performance its broadcasting customers need for smooth TV and radio operations. By leveraging the Cloud, they witnessed a fourfold performance increase, achieved return on investment in six months, with investment and operating cost savings of 75 percent.

5. Integration:

We are witnessing a nexus of forces – Cloud, Analytics, Social and Mobile and the market leaders will be the ones who are able to take advantage of these technologies collectively. Read how this product manufacturing corporation was able to upgrade to newer technology that could support its Mobile workforce through a hybrid environment.

From the above, we can infer that the benefits of Cloud are not just limited to technology companies but percolates across all industries of all sizes. To learn more about how businesses can go about implementing a Cloud solution, download the IDC Interactive White Paper- Best Practices on Cloud.

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