Cloud computing empowers Mobile, Social, Big Data

As businesses progress using the power of technology, it is important to not get lost amidst technology’s myriad puzzle. We are aware of the nexus of forces – Cloud, Analytics, Mobile and Social. But, do all these technologies have the same bearing on the organisation? By observing these technologies under a watchful eye the answer becomes clear – Cloud computing empowers the other technologies such as Mobile, Social and Big Data.

Let’s look at a real-life example that helps us unravel the role of Cloud in more detail. Today, almost everybody has a Mobile device and they use it to capture life events and create various forms of digital content to share it with the world. See the figures below:



Simply put, people want to create something with their personal touch – underlining their individuality, share it with others and discuss life events with each other.

So where is Cloud in all of this?

It may not be visible to us but Cloud is the key technology empowering the others.

Cloud empowers Mobile: Mobile acts as a gateway for people to access the digital world. The Cloud provides the essential information management and infrastructure to provide connectivity and storage services for information shared via these devices.

Cloud empowers Social: Social acts as a catalyst in spreading information across devices and to users. But “Social networking” as a descriptor marks a huge range of personalised cloud computing platforms and functions of interaction on the web.

Cloud empowers Big Data: Users sharing this information creates vast volumes of Data. Cloud acts as a central repository that stores this data and provides access to it.

Summing up, the huge amount of Data created has to be managed centrally so that the information shared can be accessed by and shared by everybody, across the globe. Cloud is the backbone for this information management. It comprises of technologies that store the data and provide complimentary digital services to access this data via multiple devices that facilitate sharing.

Though Cloud is not visible to us, it is an essential part of the Digital age. It is important for organisations to realise that to make the most of one’s technological investments, Cloud needs to be an integral part of the technology mix

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