Cloud: Key to your KPIs

Technological evolutions have made doing business more simpler and straight forward than ever before. For example, a world bank surveystates that the period 2009 – 13 alone has witnessed over 70,450 new businesses in the private sector in India.  As more players  enter the business arena, it is hard to differentiate between you and your competitors as similar business models, pricing and marketing strategy level the playing field.

As a decision maker, your Key Performance Indicators lie in how well you are able to tackle these business forces and facilitate innovation and advancements to give your business a competitive edge.

One way of doing it is using your IT as a strategic weapon and use it to strengthen your business strategy. Why? Look at companies like eBay & Yahoo and the answers become clear. IT is a critical core competency for sustained competitive advantage today. A well-crafted IT strategy built into the overall business strategy will provide you with the much needed competitive advantage.

Meet Cloud Computing. a.k.a Key to your KPIs

When utilized effectively, Cloud capabilities offer numerous opportunities to drive your business forward i.e., meet your KPIs. Recent technology and connectivity trends have created a perfect storm for your business to embrace the power of Cloud, innovate and build disruptive business models. Moreover, applications of Cloud in an enterprise environment is ubiquitous in nature meaning, Cloud benefits can percolate to all levels and operations in your organisation.

Leading adopters of Cloud are enjoying faster innovation, greater sales and profits. The pace setters in Cloud computing – the top 20% – are already almost doubling revenues and boosting gross profits by up to 250%.

So, how do organisations leverage Cloud and how do they plan to employ its power to fuel the future? The following presentation can help you understand ways in which you can leverage Cloud, meet your KPIs and become a Rainmaker in your organisation.

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