Cloud: Key to Strategic Reinvention

According to IBM study “Under Cloud Cover” published by IBM center for applied insights Leaders are finding the secret sauce in cloud to differentiate. It allows them to serve customers in new ways and re-imagine their business models. It can help surface valuable insights from their data and transform how they make decisions. It enables them to tap expertise from across their entire ecosystem.

Why there is a growing strategic interest in cloud?

 Business Value

Simply put, it’s an evolution. Cloud computing is following the same pattern of other technologies that have shaped busi­ness and society. Like earlier innovations, we can’t imagine the innumerable product innovations, business models and industries that would ultimately be built upon this technology. It will power business growth: – Innovate Products & Services, Reinvent customer relationship & Build new business models.

Strategic reinvention

For leading organizations, cloud provides an escape route from the status quo. Most often, it’s helping them better engage their customers. Compared to Chasers, Pacesetters are more than twice as likely to use cloud to rein­vent customer relationships. Cloud enables them to listen more broadly and dig through big data to learn customer preferences and deliver more relevant offers.

Better decisions

Leading organizations also recognize the power of connecting their data, the information scattered across segregated servers and employee hard drives. Leading organizations are likely to use cloud-based analytics to dig for insights buried inside big data. With cloud, they can feed their analytics more raw data – and provide computing capacity for more expansive analysis.

Deeper collaboration

Cloud can bring together masses of collaborators, spreading knowledge faster and drawing on the collective wisdom of the crowd. Leading organizations are also taking advantage of cloud-based collaboration to help eliminate silos – especially within their IT organization

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