How to use the hot glue gun?

Nowadays there are a lot of types of glue guns on the market with different structures and functions. So, the article will introduce to you hot glue gun silicon. There are two kinds of hot glue gun silicon with two different sizes. However, their structure and usage are similar, only when you use bars of different sizes. If you often have to work a lot with high frequency, you should use big guns which contain lots of glue. If you only use it at low frequency or only useful for purposes of repairing daily activities, you should buy a small one.

Hot Glue Gun

What is the hot glue gun?

A hot glue gun is a handheld tool that is designed to glue many different types of materials and objects together. The hot glue gun is one of the best devices nowadays that is very popular and broadly applied in a lot of different activities in our daily life. When we mention about the functions of this tool, we need to mention some prominent applications such as decorating works at home and healing cracks in various surfaces like wood.

The usage of the hot glue gun

How to use silicone glue gun is not difficult, easy to use and easy to maintain, so customers can use the gun themselves, but it is necessary to know how to use the shotgun as well as the silicon glue product. Here are the steps for using the best hot glue gun:

Step 1: After buying the glue gun, you remove the case inside and will get a glue gun with a piece of steel. You use this piece of steel to attach to the tip of the gun to create a rack when not in use.

Step 2: Cut the first part of the glue tube to match the size of the place to be glued. The tip of the tube should be slightly slanted about 45 degrees. Then, you install a hose to glue the glue into the glue bottle that has just been cut and tightened to a moderate degree, avoiding tightening it too much and breaking the nozzle to damage the bottle.

Step 3: When you need to use, you put the candlestick inside the glue gun. Note that you should remove the medium glue stick to the right side of the gun. Then use the hand to push the light glue from the bottom up and use the hand to pull the trigger to push the glue stick deep inside.

Step 4: Next you use the socket in the glue gun to plug into an electrical socket, if the light is on, the power is on. You wait for about 5 minutes to get the glue to reach the proper heat. Do not pull the trigger when the temperature is not enough to make the stick melt. If pressed the trigger will make the glue gun easily broken.

Step 5: You should prepare the surface of the material to be glued and should take advantage of while waiting for hot melt glue to clean the surface to stick. This helps the glue to be glued to it more firmly.

Step 6: When the glue is melted, you will proceed to paste the surface to do. At the position where the gun should be placed, use a small force at the hand to squeeze the trigger until the glue flows from the barrel. If the amount of glue is enough, you should release your hand from the hot glue gun, and after that, the glue will immediately stop flowing.

 Step 7: You repeat the movement of the trigger in the position where you want to paste. Note not to squeeze the gun too hard and especially avoid strong squeezing, causing the glue to leak out of the tube mouth too much.

 Step 8: You use screws to fasten the end of the glue tube immediately after use and preserve glue on the next time.

 Step 9: Wait for the glue to dry then trimming the excess glue and clean it. 

In conclusion

With instructions for using silicone glue guns, I hope you can do what you want. Don’t forget to learn carefully about product information before use, it will be very useful for you and your family in daily life.

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