New LinkedIn Tool Helps To Find Skills & Get A Job 

LinkedIn has launched a new tool that shows you right away which skills are most important for any job.

It’s easy to find out what skills employers want in job applicants with a new tool from LinkedIn. It can help you find out what skills employers want in job applicants.

As a bonus, if you don’t have a skill you need but don’t have, the tool will point you to resources that can help you learn it.

The data about the “Future of Skills” tool from LinkedIn will show you how job requirements have changed from 2015 to 2022. It will also show you how the data tool works.

According to a recent LinkedIn study, the top skills for a given job have changed by about 25% since 2015. The number is expected to exceed 40% in 2025. 

Here are some ideas about how to use LinkedIn’s new tool to find out what skills you need to be a good candidate for the next job.

This tool can also help you keep your skills up-to-date, which will make you more valuable in your current job.

If you want to know what skills will be important in the future, you can use LinkedIn’s Future

Go to the Future of Skills tool and scroll down to the bottom until you reach a section shown in this screenshot. Then click on the “Start” button.

You can search for top skills by industry or job title, and then you can choose which country to look in.

When you use the tool, it will show you what skills are most important today, as well as what skills were most important in 2015.

You’ll also get a review of:

  • How much the most important skills have changed
  • Which of the most important skills are new?
  • Which of the most important skills are the same?
  • How important was each of the top skills?

More employers want people who have those skills now than they did in 2015.

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SEMrush is what you can do now. If you click on it, LinkedIn will show you a list of relevant courses.

All LinkedIn users get a one-month free pass to all of the learning courses on the site.

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LinkedIn’s Future of Skills tool is a list of the most important skills that people need to have in almost any industry or job.

Use it when you’re looking for a job and you don’t know what skills to look for. It might be the most important data set LinkedIn has made public about the best job skills.

Using the future of skills tool, you can get a lot more information about top jobs and job skills than LinkedIn usually does.